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ghts○ and are practicall○y impossib●le to implemen●t."FedEx bel●ieves that the EAR ●violate comm■on carriers◆' rights to du●e process unde■r the Fifth Amendmen◆t of the U.S. 〓Constitution as th○ey unreaso○nably hold● common carriers str■ictly liable f○or shipments that m◆ay violate t○he EAR without requ◆iring evid■ence that t〓he carriers h◆ad knowledge of any ○violations,"

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the〓 company said."This ◆puts an imposs●ible burden on a co○mmon carrier ●such as FedEx to kno〓w the origin ○

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and technologic○al make-up of cont■ents of all the sh○ipments it handles ●and whether they

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■ comply with the E●AR," it added.Chine■se authorit●ies in May launched ■an investigation i

t ap■proval

.The action fo●llowed a n〓ationa

●nto FedEx's misro◆uting of Huaw■ei packages, t○wo of whic●h should have been◆ delivered ●from Japan to Chi○na but ended up bein■g re

l emergency ●declaration is

direct●ed to FedEx's global● hub in Memphis, T●ennessee.FedE○x in a May 28 st■atement apologi○zed for the deliv●ery failure

sue◆d by the Trump admi◆ni

. "We ○confirm th○at no external party〓 required F■edEx to make th●ese shipments,"● it said.Ch●inese Forei〓gn Ministr■y Spokesperson

hreats to U.S.


es," said Gen■g.Please scan the QR● Code to f●ollow us on Ins〓tagramPlease s●can the QR Code to ●follow us on ■WechatCommentary: ●Using Huawe〓i 5G technology mean●s more than qui〓cker


communi●cationCommen○tary: Using Hua●wei 5G technology me○ans more than quick■er communi◆cationCommentary: U〓sing Huawei 5G te●chnology m●eans more 〓than quicker communi●cation06-17-201◆9 0


9:11 BJTMADRI○D, June 16 -- S◆upported by ■the Huawei tech◆nology, Vodafone ■Espana commerc○ialized the first 5■G mobile serv■ices in Spai○n on Saturday.The ●ultra-fast and l●ow-latency 5G netwo●rk is the infr?/p>

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